In recognition of the importance of quality enhancement of the Universities in a formal, transparent and accountable manner, and responding to the global and local trends in quality assurance, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka established its Internal Quality Assurance Unit. After being operational for nearly a decade, gaining the acceptance among the University community and experience in quality assurance the IQAU is now governed by by-law approved by the Senate of the University at its 201 st meeting held on  February 2017. The Objectives of the IQAU are to setup an internal quality assurance mechanism and to continuously improve the quality of all academic programs, research and services.

All quality related aspects of academic programmes, research and services of the University come under the wings of IQAU. The organizational structure is set to achieve this by including in its Management Committee (MC-IQAU), the Director of IQAU, the Deans of all Faculties, Director of Staff Development Center, Director of Distance and Continuing Education Unit, Director of Computer Centre, Faculty coordinator of IQAC of each Faculty, Registrar, SAR of Centre for Distance and Continuing Education (CDCE), Bursar, Librarian and a SAR/AR serving as the Convener. IQACs are the Internal Quality Assurance Cells established in Faculties and CDCE, comprising of all sectors in the respective Faculty/ CDCE, and having the functions of implementing and monitoring of all quality related functions. The coordinator of the IQAC leads the IQAC and liaise IQAC to the IQAU. The Director/ IQAU is guided by the MC-IQAU. The MC-IQAU meets regularly and is chaired by the Vice Chancellor or Director IQAU.

The office of the IQAU is in the main administrative building.


Organizational Structure


Senior Lecturer, Gr. II
Dr. DMS Duminda


+94 252221612
+94 252221612