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About the Library

The Library of Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka was established on 2nd May 2001. This library is situated in the faculty building complex at Puliyankulama, 3Km away from Anuradhapura town (North Central Province in Sri Lanka), on Anuradhapura-Vavuniya main road. At present, the seating capacity is 130 and the reading tables are arranged in the reference section as well as the lending section and has easier access of the books in the sections. The Lending and the Reference sections are especially on agriculture and related subjects.

Resources and Collection

Library collections are rich in most essential textbooks to cover subject areas:

  • Soil Sciences
  • Water Resource Management
  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural Systems
  • Plant Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agro forestry

The books are bought especially recommendation of the academic staff. The faculty library has also received valuable collections from other institutes and personals (local repute) as donations.

Reference Collection−(SR)

This collection consists of 5003 books with a higher demand from the readers and books with fewer copies of them are available in this collection for reference.This section entertains readers for their subjects and academic information requirements.Reference materials are issued on week days between 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm and must be returned by 10.00 am on the due date.These books can be borrowed for overnight reading two hours prior to the closing of the library.

Lending Collection−(LN)

Lending section issues books for a period of two weeks to undergraduates and non−academic staff and a period of one month is allowed for academic staff.Books with LN stamp can be borrowed using the library cards.The collection consists of 3881 books.

Permanent Reference−(PR)

Permanent reference materials should be used in the library itself.They can be identified by the PR label on the spine. The reference materials such as encyclopedia,dictionaries,maps and atlases,glossaries,directories and other publications which are intended strictly for refernce are kept there.The PR collection consists of 1083 books.

Audio Visual Collection

The library has an audio visual unit for staff and the students and the materials can be used for learning.Specially CDs attached with the books will not be allowed to take out from the library.To borrow a CD students should sign before taking and sign again to ensure the return of the CD.240 CDs are available in the library.

User Assistance


All Students and members of the Staff of Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University are eligible to take their membership in the Library


All students and members of the staff of the faculty are required to register their names in the Library by applying on the prescribed form which is obtainable from the Library. It is required to provide their duly endorsed Student Identity Card and Record Book or National Identity Card and Appointment Letter, at the time of registration. At the beginning of each academic session, undergraduate students spending more than one academic year are required to register in the Library, by revalidating their library tickets.

Issuing Library Tickets for Staff

Category Lending Reference Total
Professor⁄Senior Lecturer 10 05 15
Lecturer 10 05 15
Temporary staff 07 03 10
Administration staff 10 05 15
Non academic staff 02 - 02

Issuing Library Tickets for Students

Year I Year II Year III Year IV
Lending 02 02 02 02
Reference 01 01 03 03
Total 03 03 05 05

Library Rules

  1. Readers must provide their University Record Book/Identity Card when entering the library, borrowing books or any other time when called upon to do so.
  2. Readers must provide their belongings such as books, notes etc. to the gatekeepers when they enter to the library and go out of the library.
  3. No bags, cases, parcels, cellular phones, personal copies of books & printed materials, umbrellas etc. should be brought into the Library.
  4. SILENCE should be observed in all public reading areas.
  5. Seats in the Library may not be reserved or removed by the readers.
  6. Readers are not allowed to hold discussions in the library.
  7. Consumption of food and drink, smoking and the use of matches or an open flame are forbidden in the Library.
  8. No readers may enter any part of the library to which the entry is forbidden.
  9. Visitors to the library are required to obtain the permission of the librarian to enter the library.
  10. Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of regulations will render the reader or borrower concerned liable to suspension from using the library.
  11. Do not leave your personal belongings/valuable items or cash in front of the library or around the library.
  12. It is requested that all readers should avoid wearing unsuitable clothes like shorts, caps etc. when they enter the library.
  13. Tearing off pages from a publication any type of vandalism is punishable offence. Such students will be reported to the Dean and student service Assistant Registrar and library facilities for a period determined by the librarian.
  14. Marking and defacing of books is strictly forbidden. Student should report if any marks on or damage to books is found to the issuing counter. In the absence of such a report the books will be presumed to have been in good condition when loaned, and the borrower will be held responsibilities and fined for any damage observed at the fine the books are returned.
  15. The librarian may recall books at any time and the borrower must return books immediately when call upon to do so.


Mrs. W.P.T. Dilrukshi

Assistant Librarian
Department of Agricultural Engineering & Soil Science
Faculty of Agriculture
P: +94 25 223 6633
F: +94 25 222 1610
E: thanudilrukshi@yahoo.com

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