Dean's Message

Dr. Buddhika Jayathilaka

Welcome to the Faculty of Technology at Rajarata University of Sri Lanka!

The Faculty of Technology is the latest addition to the family of Rajarata University. Located at the historic city of Mihintale the Faculty provides a unique learning and working experience for its students and the staff. 

While producing high quality Technology graduates, who can thrive in the global job market, the faculty has a clear vision of becoming a leader in research & innovation. The faculty’s strong alliance to the industry and foreign universities ensures that the students get relevant and up to date education in their classrooms and laboratories. The faculty has heavily invested on its infrastructure and currently possesses a state of the art laboratory complex and several high end equipment. Therefore the students will get exposed to the latest trends and technologies available in their respective fields. Also the faculty has a young team of highly motivated academics working tirelessly to create a unique and pleasant learning environment to the students.

As the Dean of this beautiful faculty I am honored to invite you all to explore our faculty and join with us to change the lives through the Technology to make the world a better place.


About Our Faculty

The Faculty of Technology at Mihinthale consists of five Departments leading to their respective degree programmes: Bio Process Technology, Electrical & Electronic Technology, Food Technology, Information & Communication Technology and Materials Technology. The curricula under these degrees follow a hands-on approach with more applied course contents than fundamentals, thereby fulfilling the needs and voids of the respective industries of the country for which the degree programmes are meant to cater. All courses under the Technology Programme are offered in English medium. As such, the students are required to follow an intensive English Language course for the purpose of following the lecture material, as well as in preparation for their future endeavours upon successful completion of the degree programmes.

Education Services

The Technology stream  was inaugurated  in January 2017  for the student academic benefit and now it is well recognized 

International Hubs

Students are encouraged motivated and focused on developing international collaborative linkages


Offer Degrees with  hand – on approach with more applied contents to fulfill the need and void of the industry in Sri Lanka

University Life

Guide and motivate the students towards an innovative  enthusiastic learning culture 

Welcome to Faculty of Technology

Self Development
Beyond the Book

Why Choose Faculty of Technology ?

The Technology program was commenced on January 2017 at Rajarata University of Sri lanka Mihintale centralizing the Faculty of Applied Sciences. At present the Faculty consists with five Departments Bio Process Technology, Electrical & Electronic Technology, Food Technology, Information & Communication Technology and Materials Technology in which it collaborates with a vivid and unique structure to the national and international industry base. Students are facilitated with well equipped laboratories, lecturer theaters and multi media units. In addition to that students are also bounded by a research driven environment which it design and implement opportunities for all levels of undergraduates.

The Faculty commences activities that enhance and upgrade the talents and the potential of students which inspires their quality of life by making their dreams a realization.




Facilitate an enthusiastic active learning culture for the students,extending their boundaries towards an immense spiritual and social background. Addition to all the Faculty provide life-learning opportunities to succeed their future goals.


Athletics play a major component by challenging the students while providing opportunities to inspire their skills, potential and team spirit. The Faculty opens the arena for the undergraduates to feel the warmth pleasure and the spirit of the sport.


Undergraduates in the Faculty of Technology are entitled to five Departments with an unique approach of Teaching and Learning

Graduated & Professional

Undergraduates are inspired to obtain a Four years degree leading themselves towards an better professionalism

Industrial Collaboration

Faculty of Technology collaborates with the industry and universities locally and internationally for research and projects

Faculty of Technology

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