Department of Business Management

Being established in 1996 with the founding of the Faculty of Management Studies, the Department of Business Management produces high quality and innovative graduates equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes in catering to the needs of the Sri Lankan and global business community. The department offers following undergraduate degree programmes.

  • Bachelor of Science (Business management) Special Degree
  • Bachelor of Science (Business information Technology) special degree

B.Sc. (Business Management) Special Degree Program

The B.Sc. Special Degree in Business Management is a four-year degree program, which consists of eight semesters. The aim of this degree program is to equip students with required knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to produce high quality, innovative graduates in the field of Business Management who are capable of holding managerial positions in private and public sector organizations.

Objectives of the Programme

  • To provide students with knowledge of business management principles, to familiarize them with the basic functions of management of all levels
  • To introduce students to contemporary issues in management, and to familiarize them with the processes and systems available for the successful operation of any business.
  • To evaluate ethical, social, civic, cultural and political issues as they relate to the conduct of business
  • To take students through the entrepreneurial process, to inculcate the motivation to succeed in business, to quip students to establish a viable business.
  • To develop effective leadership and team management skills necessary for a diverse and dynamic workplace
  • To develop a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards the development of the nation

Head of the Department

Dr.H.M.B.P. Ranaweera
Head of The Department
Senior Lecturer

Email :
Tel : +94 71 8344611

Intended Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this degree programme the graduates are expected to have;

  • an in-depth Knowledge and understanding of the basic functional areas of business management and how they are coordinated strategically and operationally.
  • recognized the integrated nature of business and the importance of an holistic approach to business management
  • an adequate knowledge and skills in modern information technology and communication
  • acquired the necessary managerial skills to manage appropriate organization
  • possessed futuristic, flexible, sensitive, change oriented, learning oriented, strategy oriented values needed to manage the organizations efficiently and effectively.
  • developed positive attitudes for successfully managing the organizations which they are responsible and ensuring their progress and career development.
  • to develop necessary skills to conduct research to solve real world business issues and problems
  • acquired practical exposure and hands of experiences on various aspects of business management

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