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Business Information Technology Unit

Aim of this degree program is to provide excellent education in the field of Management with Information System in order to produce human resources with necessary competencies to successfully perform business functions in an organization and with essential insight to conduct research giving due consideration to the dynamic business environment.

Objectives of the degree programme

  • To provide the students with business and management education to assist and develop the business enterprises.
  • To enhance problem solving, team work, communication and research skills of students to withstand the challenges in the dynamic business environment.
  • To equip students with Information Systems skills to improve their managerial competencies.
  • To produce competent graduates to meet the demand of the industry, in particular, in the North Central Province.

Coordinator of the Unit

Mr.V.K.N. Gamini

Email : vkngamini@yahoo.com
Tel : +94 71 8003210

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