Faculty of Management Studies
                              Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

The Faculty

To satisfy the job market requirements by producing the competent Graduates in the discipline Management

Good Citizenship

To develop a person with good citizenship.

Lifelong learning

To provide opportunities for undergraduates to develop the professional skills and enthusiasm required for lifelong learning

Diverse and Dynamic

To develop effective leadership and team management skills necessary for a diverse and dynamic workplace


To develop a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards the development of the nation

Management Supporting

To provide thorough knowledge about the other functional areas of management supporting to the discipline

Practical Training

To provide opportunities for practical training to improve the standard of skills of the undergraduates in the discipline.

Futuristic and Flexible

Possessed futuristic, flexible, sensitive, change oriented, learning oriented, strategy oriented values needed to manage the organizations efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

The mission of the Faculty of Management Studies is to provide quality education in Management Studies and leadership with practical skills and to conduct research giving due consideration to the changing environment
Our Objectives

The aims and objectives of the faculty are,

  • To provide the students with business and management education to assist and develop the business enterprises,

  • To make opportunities for the students to gain necessary skills and knowledge required by emerging industries / business enterprises and to enable them to be professionals in the rapidly developing business environment,

  • To provide adequate theoretical and practical knowledge to understand the problems in the business world and to develop their prospective careers,

  • To encourage student to achieve their full potential in creative thinking, problem solving, communication, and research skills relevant to their specific area of study, and

  • To provide students with a greater support in pursuing disciplinary sub-majors where and when facilities are available.