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The Ethics Review Committee (ERC) of the Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences (FMAS), Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (RUSL) was established with full documentation in 2012 (earlier it has been part of the Higher degrees committee of the FMAS). It has lay members and members from clinical staff of the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital. It functions independently under the faculty board of the FMAS, RUSL. It considers research projects submitted for ethical approval in the prescribed application form.

The ERC committee considers ethical applications from any individual doing research on human subjects and also considers ethical review applications about animal research. We also provide clinical ethics consultation. Bad science is bad ethics and we believe ethics is a friend of research.

The ERC is a member of the Forum for Ethics Review Committees (FERCSL) and applied for registration at the Ministry of Health at the Cosmetics, Devices & Drugs Regulatory Authority. Next year (2014) we will be applying for The Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical Review (SIDCER) recognition.

How to Apply




1.How to apply

1.1.Application for Ethics Review

Application for Ethics Review (latest version November 2013) can be downloaded from the application menu under ethics review committee (ERC) of the faculty web site. Samples of patient information leaflet, consent form, also can be downloaded. A separate application for ethics review is available for students’ research projects.

The applicants are advised to read the instructions on how to fill the Application for Ethics Review which is provided with the application prior to completing.

1.2.Application check list

Three copies of the duly filled Application for Ethics Review
Relevant questionnaire forms
Patient information leaflets*
Consent forms*
Curriculum vitae of all the investigators
Detailed research proposal
Twenty three copies of project summary of not more than 500 words (see section 1.10 of the Application for Ethics Review)
A copy of the receipt of payment (see section 1.4)
*should include relevant translations

All the documents mentioned above should be included in the application. One copy of the application (labelled master copy) should contain a covering letter. Project summaries should be included in a separate file with principal investigators name and the project title on the top.

 1.3.Handing over

Applications should be submitted to Department of Medicine, 2nd Floor, Professorial Unit, Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura. The applicants are instructed to handover applications to Mr.Piyumal Dharmasena (Technical Officer), Mrs.Sumithra Ranatunga (Computer application assistant) or to a demonstrator assigned to the ERC. Application also can be handed over to Ms RangaEdirisinghe, department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine & Allied Sciences at Saliyapura.

Submission can be done between 9 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday except on public and mercantile holidays.

1.4. Payments

All the students from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka are not required to pay any fee for the processing of their ethical review application forms. The charges for the applicants of other categories are listed below.

Academic staff members of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka   Rs. 1000
Clinical staff members of the Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura 
Rs. 1000
All other health professionals     
Rs. 2000
Students from other Universities Rs. 2000
Research projects supported by other organisations and industries Rs 10000


Research projects supported by the Pharmaceutical industries; fee will be decided on case by case basis. Please contact before applying. Payments can be done at Department of Medicine, 2nd Floor, Professorial Unit, Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura and a receipt confirming the payment will be issued (please make sure to obtain the receipt once payments are done). Amendments of the approved research projects should be accompanied by required fees according to the section 1.4(see above)


2.1. Ethics Review Committee (ERC) meetings

ERC meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month, unless postponed due to some extraneous reasons. Therefore 12 ERC meetings will be held per year. The applicants must submit applications before 20th (or the next working day) of each calendar month for the application to be considered for the next month.

2.2. Time Frame for ERC approval

All duly filled applications are sent to two referees (can be external or internal) and the review reports are expected to be submitted before the next ERC meeting. ERC approval could be delayed due to incomplete applications or deferred referee reports.

2.3. Ethical approval certificate

Ethical Approval certificate can be collected within seven working days from the Department of Medicine, 2nd Floor, Professorial Unit, Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura. There will be additional letter explaining the conditions of the ERC approval and the duration, the frequency of progress report and date of submission of final report will also will be noted in that letter.

2.4. Minor corrections

If the application is approved with minor corrections the applicant may submit these corrections to the Department of Medicine, 2ndFloor, Professorial Unit, Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura and collect the certificate within seven working days after submitting the corrections.

2.5 Resubmissions

If the application is subjected to resubmission, the applicant needs to resubmit the applicationbefore 20th of each month to be considered at the next ERC meeting.Resubmissions are considered as new application

2.6. Rejections

If the application is rejected, the applicant will be provided the reasons for rejection and could resubmit it with changes for approval again as a new submission. They need major modifications in the protocol.






Prof. S. Siribaddana




Mrs E.A.R.I.E. Siriwardane

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Ethical Review Committee, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine & Allied Sciences,Rajarata University, Saliyapura,

Sri Lanka AD 50008

T +94 (0)25 2234461


Dr. (Ms) R.M.U. Ratnayake

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Other members:


Ven .Chandrakeerthi Thera

Dr. N.J. Dahanayaka

Dr. F.M.M.T. Marikar

Dr. M.L.M. Rayes

Dr. S.P.B. Thalgaspitiya

Dr. S.B. Agampodi

Dr. (Mrs) G.G.G.T. Amarakoon

Dr. W.A.J.C. Chandrakumara

Dr. P.H.G.J. Pushpakumara

Dr. S.D. Pilapitiya

Dr. N.K.A. Silva

Dr. K.G.A.D. Weerakoon

Mr. H.M. Abeykoon

Dr. R. Dissanayaka

Dr. Y.V.N.D. Sirisena

Dr. D. L. Waidyarathne

Dr (Mrs) T.C. Agampodi

Dr (Mrs)S.V. Rajasinghe

Mr MCM Zakeel



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