Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Technology
Dean:Dr. Buddika Jayathilaka
Tel:+94 25 226 6130

Faculty of Technology has been functioning from the inception of the university in 2017. Faculty has 05 departments namely Bio Process Technology, Electrical & Electronic Technology, Food Technology, Materials Technology and Information and Communication Technology.

Programme Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Technology Programme is to produce graduates with the breadth and depth of knowledge in technology to become lifelong productive members of Sri Lanka’s workforce and serve for the development of the society.  

The Technology program is developed to achieve following educational objectives.   The students who complete the programme successfully will;

Guide for professional knowledge, skill and competence in their particular concentration in Technology.
Find out the solutions for the technical problems in the industry.
Connect to the technical knowledge, ideas, and proposals with upper management level by targeting development of new window.
Lead project teams in successful completion of projects.
Demonstrate professionalism in their respective field of employment or business.

The modules of Technology Programme is developed focusing on providing a basic background of technology fundamentals to the students and then gradually exposing them to the more practical and in depth study of areas of choice of the students towards latter part of the programme.  The main objective of this degree program is to produce high quality skilled graduates who can directly fulfill the requirements in both the local and international industries. The programme offers a number of areas on which students can specialize.

Below mentioned five undergraduate degree programmes and one postgraduate diploma programme are offered by the faculty at present.

BBST Degree in Bioprocess Technology
BET Degree in Electrical and Electronic Technology
BBST Degree in Food Technology
BET Degree in Materials Technology
BICT in Information   & Communication  Technology




General Contacts

Telephone: +94 25 226 6130
Fax: +94 25 226 6129
email: info.@tech.rjt.ac.lk
url: http://www.rjt.ac.lk/tech/

Dean's Office

Dean: Dr. Buddika Jayathilaka
Telephone: 94252266130
Extension: 6000
email: dean@tech.rjt.ac.lk

Deputy Registrar Office

Deputy Registrar: Mr. N.C.S. Senaka
Extension: 2130