Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
Dean:Dr. CR Withanachchi

The Faculty was established with the inception of the University in 1995. At present, the faculty is located in the three (3) storied building near the A9 Road. At present the Faculty has a student population of around 1700. The current intake was 370 students and the Faculty hopes to increase its student strength to around 6000.

Objectives of the Faculty

The objectives of the Bachelor of Arts General Degree program the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka is to produce graduates who would be able to

identify local and international social and cultural potentials perfectly and have sound knowledge, skills and self confidence to alter and develop them according to the necessity.

  • Possess a balanced education to develop and broaden their perception of the inherent inter- relationship between the physical and spiritual needs
  • Not only master a specific area of artistic creation, but also to connect that area with other forms of artistic expression and to develop skills of Interpretation as well as creativities
  • Be a well equipped person with necessary knowledge, skills, competencies, attitudes and social responsibilities, capable of developing harmony among people and inculcate ethical development
  • Design and conduct scientific inquiries and experimentation when required
  • Apply the principles of sound practice in relation to health, safety, human welfare and the environment in social sciences and humanities related industries
  • Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Secure employment opportunities worthy of the degree earned

General Contacts

Telephone: 0252266788
Fax: 0252266788
Extension: 2320
email: chandanawithanachchi@gmail.com
url: http://www.rjt.ac.lk/ssh/

Dean's Office

Dean: Dr. CR Withanachchi
Telephone: +94-252266788
email: chandanawithanachchi@gmail.com

Assistant Registrar Office

Assistant Registrar: Ms. HSMDSM Samrakone
Telephone: +94-252266818
email: samarakonedsm@gmail.com