Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture
Dean:Dr. M.G.T.S. Amarasekara
Tel:+94 25 222 1610

The Faculty of Agriculture was started in 2001 with the aim of developing a sustainable agricultural system mainly focusing on the dry zone of Sri Lanka by utilizing rural farm settings and natural resources effectively. To achieve this goal, faculty follows a semester based credit system and each course has been designed to expand the skill development and experimental learning among students.

The whole degree programme consists of eight semesters. First five semesters are compulsory for all students and the 6th and 7th semesters they follow a specialization module. During the specialization module, students can select any course module based on their interests. The Faculty offers six specialization modules as follows.

  • Agricultural Economics and Extension
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Agricultural Systems Management
  • Animal Science and Food Technology
  • Crop Production Technology
  • Crop Protection and Improvement
  • Environmental Soil Management

General Contacts

Telephone: +94 25 222 1610
Fax: +94 25 222 1610
Extension: 3308
email: deanagrirusl@yahoo.com
url: www.rjt.ac.lk/agri

Dean's Office

Dean: Dr. M.G.T.S. Amarasekara
Telephone: 0252221610
Extension: 3300
email: deanagrirusl@yahoo.com

Senior Assistant Registrar Office

Senior Assistant Registrar: Mr. M. Nanthakumar
Telephone: 025 222 1613
Extension: 3301
email: aragrirusl@yahoo.com