About us

The Department of English Language Teaching (DELT) of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (RUSL) is the successor of the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU), which in turn replaced the unit that conducted the Diploma in English program offered by the North Central Province Affiliated University College.
At present, the DELT serves all six faculties of the university in preparing the undergraduates, who have different levels of proficiency in English, to enhance their English skills and to follow their courses in the English medium where necessary.  English Language Teaching (ELT) programs of the university are aimed at improving both Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) of the undergraduates which in turn prepares them to function in an English using work environment both inside and outside the university.

The DELT also serves the community outside the University by offering two extension courses in English: Advanced Certificate in English, and Diploma in English. Additionally, steps are also underway to offer a degree in ELT both to the internal students and to the interested outside community.


To be the centre par excellence for enhancing English Language Skills of the University and the surrounding communities.


To provide opportunities for students to acquire necessary English Language Skills in order to enable them to communicate in English with confidence and ease, to have access to subject matter and knowledge, to have increased access to job opportunities, to gain access to foreign universities, and to face life challenges where English Language Communication is vital.


Mr. R.M. Dhanapala
(Senior Lecturer)
Phone    :     +94 25 2266802
Extension:    2155
Fax    :     +94 25 2266802
E-mail    :     rmdhanapala@yahoo.co.uk