The upper most function of the Student’s Services Division is focusing on the creation of a device to satisfy the students of this university for providing a quality education. Therefore, this division is highly concern with the welfare of all five Faculties of RUSL.

The main functions are responsible for the matters related to the Mahapola scholarship and the Bursary Funds to the students on time.

Further, the student’s Services Division is highly concern of providing accommodation facilities to students who are coming 40 km away from this university. Accordingly, from 12 internal hostels as well as 52 external hostels altogether providing hostel facilities to 4270 students, it is nearly 90% of the total student’s population of this University. The external hostels are leased by the University for the rent of Rs. 21,318,000.00 annually for providing accommodation facilities to the students. And also the Student’s Services Division is providing facilities for getting season tickets for the public transport (SLTB).

Under the purview of this Student’s Services Division there are 10 canteens which providing food facilities to the students as well as staff members. The university bears some assistance including power and energy to the operators of the canteen.

This division also responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the appointment of officers to ensure the discipline of the students and we convene the meetings time to time to review of the progress.

One of the important responsibilities is conducting and coordinating the elections of the Student’s Unions of the facilities and major Student’s Union of this University.

With the approval of the Vice Chancellor the Student’s Services Branch is responsible for granting permission to the student’s programmes of this University.

Assistant Registrar
Ms M.N.F. Nihma