Capital Works Division is one of the divisions under the general administration department which is headed by an Assistant Registrar. The office is in the second floor of the senate building.

The objective of the Division is to coordinate and supervise all matters relating to major Capital projects and Rehabilitation projects of the University.

Responsibilities /Functions of the Capital Works Division

  1. Planning, Implementing and Monitoring the major Capital Projects of the University (Construction projects)
  2. Planning, Implementing and Monitoring the Rehabilitation Projects i.e. Renovation, Improvement and extension of existing building and roads
  3. Planning, Implementing and Monitoring the  building related services such as Air conditioning, Electricity, Power generators etc for existing buildings 
  4. Reporting the progress of major construction projects to UGC, MOHE and other stake holders in timely manner
  5. Conducting the Land and Building Management Committee meetings  (LBMC)
  6. Conducting the University level progress review meetings with relevant stake holders


a. Procedure for the Implementation of the Major Capital Projects (Construction)

b. Procedure for the Implementation of the Rehabilitation Projects (Improvement)

Assistant Registrar
Mr. K.M.G.D Kulatunga