The Finance Department of Rajarata University is head by Bursar and perform the activities by four other executive staff members, fifteen management assistants and two office aids to support for internal and external stakeholders to achievement of objectives of the university by performing the following key activities, 

a. Maintain the financial information system and provision of information to the management for decision making
b. Request funds from funding agencies and manage them
c. Preparation and presentation of management information reports for decision making
d. Preparation and presentation of Annual Financial Statements
e. Preparation of Annual Financial Budget in line with the corporate plan of the university
f.  Preparation of annual procurement plan
g. Management of finance for recurrent and capital expenditure activities according to the annual financial budget
h. Preparation of staff salaries and staff loans and paying
i. Provision of funds for day to day operation of the faculties
j. Maintaining of records on investments of funds in banks

Mr. D.D Upananda