The Academic Establishments Division is one of the most important Divisions in the University and the main function of the Division is to recruit human resources for academic teaching Process. This Division recruits academic staff and also executes all administrative functions necessary to promote them to higher grades. It also completes various tasks related to the payment of annual salary increments. The Division also makes arrangement to grant the members of the Academic staff various types of leave they are entitled under the stipulated provisions.

In addition to performing the above functions, the Division is also responsible for advertising the academic cadre positions vacant in the Departments of different Faculties in the news papers as well as in the University website twice a year.

Moreover, the Division maintains the personal files of the academic staff members and academic support staff. The Academic Establishments Division also updates information on approved cadre and making requests to the UGC for additional cadre positions.
The following documents are available in this Division, and could also be downloaded from the university website.


a. Application for vacant academic post

b. Application for confirmation and promotion

c. Application for property Loan for the university staff

d. Official Identity card application

e. Application for prior permission to travel abroad with form of benefit

f. Application for vehicle permit

Deputy Registrar
Mr. N.C.S. Senaka