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Department of Agricultural Systems Faculty of Agriculture
Rajarata University of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka.

P: +94 25 223 5102
F: +94 25 223 5102

Department of Agricultural Systems

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About us

The Department of Agricultural Systems, is highly dedicated and committed to realize the vision of the faculty that is to be a dynamic, innovative and renowned center for excellence in Agriculture.This is full−fledged academic department which offers many learning & development opportunities across a wide array of disciplines for undergraduates to improve their knowledge and skills on different fields such as agricultural economics, agricultural extension, agricultural engineering and animal science & food technology.Theoritical courses offered by the department have been carefully blended with proper practical and field exposure to help students learn closely to the field realities.

Department of Agricultural Systems is one of the three departments in the faculty.The aims of the department to provide degree to the students with;

  • A wide range of learning opportunities for undergraduates to develop knowledge on fundamentals of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Agricultural systems and management.
  • An exposure to the farming community in order to give students an opportunity to work closely with the field realities finding solutions to problems faced by the community.
  • An opportunity to expose the students to a research project that would develop their research as well as personal skills.