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21 June 2020

In View of the significant potential impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on education, the Office of the President through the Presidential Taskforce on Sri-Lanka’s Education Affairs has requested all higher education institutions to conduct a rapid assessment of online learning nationwide. This would be the basis for providing more context for specific support to continue tertiary education during this crisis. During the university closure, online learning is seen as one of the ways to continue tertiary education, but there are challenges on the ground.

 The specific objectives of the rapid assessment are: (i) to assess the current utilization of online learning, and digital learning of faculty members and students of universities, particularly under COVID-19; (ii) understand the challenges faced by university administrations, their faculty members, and students in online learning; and, (iii) help define programme opportunities for scaling-up online learning.


 We would like to collect as many completed surveys as possible through this online survey. The deadline for submission is 21 June 2020 (Sunday).

 Student Survey: >>>>> 

Respondents: All students

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