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The Faculty of Agriculture was initiated in 2001 with the aim of developing sustainable agricultural systems particularly focused on the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka by utilizing rural farm settings and natural resources effectively. To achieve this goal, Faculty of Agriculture offers a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.Sc. (Agric.) as a special degree, which is a four-year degree programme. The Bachelor degree programme comprises of semester-based evaluations that consist of eight semesters, during which different courses are offered by the four departments. These four departments are, Agricultural Engineering and Soil Science (ES), Agricultural Systems (AS),Animal and Food Sciences (AF) and Plant Sciences (PS).

About Us


Faculty of Agriculture envisions to be a dynamic, innovative and renowned centre for Excellence in Agriculture.


Mission of the Faculty of Agriculture is to produce innovative and dynamic graduates with sound knowledge and requisite skills towards achieving a sustainable development in Agriculture, through creating a conducive environment for teaching, learning, research and dissemination of knowledge.

Message from the Vice Chancellor, RUSL

Being a postgraduate student in a state university is a proud to you and your parents. Your courage and endurance have taken you to a new height in your life. The Master of Agriculture degree programme of the Faculty of Agriculture is designed to produce innovative and dynamic postgraduates with sound knowledge and requisite skills towards achieving sustainable development in Agriculture. The location of the faculty is conducive for achieving the learning outcomes of Agriculture enriched with real life experiences and offers many opportunities to expand the horizon of new knowledge.
I assure that the Faculty of Agriculture of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (RUSL) will empower you to attain the knowledge, skills, and most importantly the confidence you need to work as a professional employee. You will be taught and guided by an experienced academic staff, provided with necessary facilities, and sets a stage for collective learning with talented students in a competitive environment.
This handbook gives you information and advices to make your higher education pathway in the Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL an easier and a happier one. I am certain that this guide will help you to plan your Master of Agriculture journey from the commencement to the conclusion. Hence, I urge you to take the maximum advantage of all the pillars of the Faculty. I strongly believe that you will find the Faculty of Agriculture of RUSL is an exciting, stimulating, supportive, and a memorable place in your life which shapes your future as a professional in the field of Agriculture.
I wish all the best for your future career…!
Dr. B.A. Karunaratne
Vice Chancellor, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Message from the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL

Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka was established in 2001 and incepted at Puliyankulama, about three (03) kilometres away from the ancient city of Anuradhapura and about ten (10) kilometres away from Mihintale, where the main administration complex of the university is located. Faculty was established with three departments at the beginning, which has now evolved to four departments namely; Department of Agricultural Engineering and Soil Science, Department of Agricultural Systems, Department of Animal and Food Sciences, and Department of Plant Sciences.
The Faculty is the leading institute responsible for higher education in Agriculture for the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka. It was established at Puliyankulama to develop the sustainable agricultural systems particularly focusing on the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka by utilizing rural farm settings and natural resources effectively. Today, we are proud to be one of the dynamic faculties teaching agriculture in the country. The Faculty is enriched with necessary facilities such as human and physical resources to support the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We continue to spend heavily, which now stands at almost one billion rupees for next three years, to uplift the teaching and research capacity of the faculty to materialize the teaching, research and development agenda envisioned by our academic staff that we are proud about.
In this background, inauguration of the Master of Agriculture degree programme is the harvest that we reap nearly two decades of experience in teaching agriculture higher education in Sri Lanka. I am pleased to announce that Master of Agriculture degree programme is offered for the first time in the history of the faculty and you are fortunate to be the part of the inaugural intake. This degree programme has been specially designed for the graduates who wish to obtain a postgraduate qualification within the broad discipline of agriculture. While enhancing knowledge, it also offers opportunity to specialize in various sub disciplines through a compulsory research project and opportunity to transfer into Master of Philosophy degree programme. The faculty is committed to provide a conducive environment for postgraduate studies and research. Our strategic goal is to focus on the quality of the degree programme while developing the quality of students and ultimately enhancing their employment prospects. Finally, I would like to extend my best wishes with your studies and with the new higher learning experience that you are going to gain at the Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL.
Best compliments from,
Professor A. M. J. B. Adikari
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL.

Message from the Programme Director

It is great pleasure to welcome all the students who have registered to the Master of Agriculture postgraduate degree at the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (RUSL). The Faculty of Agriculture in Rajarata University of Sri Lanka was established in 2001. We are very pleased to announce that the Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL has laid another milestone to commence postgraduate degree programme in the Faculty of Agriculture.
The programme of study comprises of course work with 28 credits and 2 credits for the research component with 15 weeks for each semester for a period of one year. Provisions are available for the research work to be undertaken either in the Faculty of Agriculture or at relevant research institutions in Sri Lanka. The panel of teachers consists of outstanding academic staff with wide teaching and research experiences. The majority of the staff members are from Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL and others from both governmental and non-governmental institutions. The faculty houses the administrative and financial sections, Computer Unit, Library and classrooms which are equipped towards achieving a quality learning experience.
I expect the registered students to the postgraduate programme may develop a strong work ethics which are expected to become an integral part of their professional life.
I wish all the very best for your future career...!
Senior Professor Aruni Weerasinghe
Programme Director
Postgraduate Programme, Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL

Board of Study

Prof. A. M. J. B. Adikari .
Dean/Faculty of Agriculture (Chairman, Board of Study in Agriculture - BOS)
Snr. Prof. Aruni Weerasinghe.
Programme Director
Dr. Nalaka Geekiyanage.
Academic Coordinator
Dr. M. G. T. S. Amarasekara
Faculty Board Nominee to BOS
Dr. Wolly Wijayaratne
Faculty Board Nominee to BOS
Prof.(Mrs) W. A. D. Nayananjalie
Head of Department (Animal and Food Sciences)
Dr. G.V.T.V. Weerasooriya
Head of Department (Agricultural Engineering and Soil Science)
Dr. D. M. D. Dissanayake
Head of Department (Plant Sciences)
Dr. A. M. K. R. Bandara
Head of Department (Agricultural Systems)
Prof. Shriyani Wickramsinghe
Senate Appointed Nominee
Dr. D. M. J. B. Senanayake (Director / RRDI)
Eng.(Mr.) H.M.A.P. Rathnayake(Act. Director/IPHT)
Faculty Board Appointed External Members
Assistant Registrar / Secretary to BOS
Mrs. Kalpana Nathiparan

Supporting Staff

Mrs. R.M.D. Sandya
Secretorial Assistant
Ms. D.T. De Silva
Subject Management Assistant
Ms. Gayani Rankothge
Accounts Clerk
Mr. PEMKG. Ekanayake
IT Assistant
Mr. H.G.S. Galappaththi
Hall Attendant
Mr. J.P.D. Rukantha
Hall Attendant



Lectures will commence from 25thJanuary, 2020


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Objectives of the Degree Programme

  • Make opportunities for those who aspire to pursue higher education in the field of agriculture, focusing on new developments in agriculture sector in both national and international level.
  • Provide opportunities to explore the potential of the graduate trainees recruited for agricultural development of the country.
  • Empower the human resource with required knowledge and skills to resolve problems related to the advancement of agriculture.
  • Explore and sustain the agricultural sector through the accomplishment of specific services and use of novel technologies.

Programme Outcomes / Graduate Profile

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of the modern agriculture.
  • Be an independent analyzer for effectively solving contemporary problems in agriculture.
  • Perform as an effective team leader with required modern technological and communication skills.


Admission Requirements

i. A Bachelor’s of honours Degree in Agriculture or any related degree from a recognized University, which is equivalent to SLQF level 6 with a minimum of 30 credits in the relevant field.

ii. A Bachelor’s of honours Degree in Science or any related degree with honours from a recognized University, which is equivalent to SLQF level 6 with a minimum of 30 credits in the relevant field.

iii. A Bachelor’s of honours Degree in Bio-systems Technology or any related degree with honours from a recognized University which is equivalent to SLQF level 6 with a minimum of 30 credits in the relevant field.

iv. Postgraduate diploma or Postgraduate certificate in relevant field or any other equivalent qualifications acceptable to the Senate of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka upon recommendation of the Board of Study in Master of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.

Fee Structure

Fee structure (Rs.)
Application feea 2000.00
Registration fee per semester 2000.00
Library deposit (Refundable) 5000.00
Library fee (Non-refundable) 1500.00
Internet/Computer fee per semester 1500.00
Examination fee per credit 800.00
Tuition feeb 100,000.00
Comprehensive examination fee 7500.00

aNon-refundable application fee should be paid at the time of submission of the completed application form.
bMaximum three instalments could be allowed upon the approval of the Board of Study. First instalment should a minimum of Rs. 35,000.00 from the tuition fee. Those who pay the whole tuition fee at once will receive a 10% discount on the tuition fee.

Application Procedure

How to obtain application
  • Online via University/Faculty Website (Recommended) online google form (Please note that YOU MUST have a Google Account to upload files)
  • Download Application from University/ Faculty Website
  • Obtain the Application by posting a self-addressed envelope
  • Obtain the Application by visiting the Faculty
Those who wish to apply online or download the application can visit website of the University www.rjt.ac.lk or Faculty www.rjt.ac.lk/agri/postgraduate/. Those who wish to obtain application form and instructions by post, should send a 9”x 6” size self-addressed stamped envelope worth of Rs. 100/= addressed to the “Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Puliyankulama, Anuradhapura”. Application forms and instructions/details of the degree programme can also be obtained by visiting Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.
What should be included in the application packet?
Following documents should accompany with your application.
  • Duly filled and signed application form
  • Certified copies of the educational and professional qualifications
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Bank deposit slip of Rs. 2000 as application processing fee
  • Two letters of recommendations

How to apply
Applications and scanned supporting documents can be submitted online (recommended) through the faculty website. Alternatively, hard copies of all application materials should be sent to “Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Puliyankulama, Anuradhapura” along with a Bank Deposit slip to the value of Rs. 2000.00 written in favour of Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Account No. 008-1-001-4-8565998 held at the Peoples’ Bank, Anuradhapura indicating the applicant’s name and the address.
Applications should be sent on or before 31st August 2019 along with other supporting documents.

Programme Structure & Requirements to Complete the Degree

Structure of the Study Programme

This degree programme consists with course work and research component basically one year duration in semester system for a full time student. Minimum duration for a part time student will be four consecutive semesters. The course work includes all key aspects of advanced agriculture production and management. There is a two credit research component in the second semester mainly aiming to develop research design and analytical skills of the students. The medium of instruction is English and course is conducted in weekend at the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Courses shall be evaluated on the basis of continuous assessments (quizzes, reports, assignments, presentations, case studies, etc.) and end-semester examinations. A five member examination panel will evaluate the comprehensive oral examination.

Requirements to Complete the Study Programme

A student should complete 30 credits with a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.50 and successful completion of the comprehensive examination in stipulated period prescribed in the governing by-laws. A student should satisfy the examiners on prescribed assessment criteria approved by the Faculty Board on the recommendation of the Board of Study with a satisfactory standard. Students are required to follow 16 credits in the first semester and 14 credits in the second semester. Elective courses only be offered if there are sufficient number of students registered to follow courses. Student have freedom to add or drop courses within two weeks period from the commencement of lectures.

Download the Syllabus

Research Project

As a compulsory requirement of the degree programme, students are required to obtain two credit from the research project (MS 5206) during which they will be guided by a supervisor appointed by the University Senate on the recommendation of the Board of Study. Range of research topics is available within the research interest of teaching panel that student could select. A student should prepare a research proposal and submit to the Board of Study for the approval. The report of the research project should be submitted to the Board of Study after completion of the research project.

Grading System

Download the Grading System

Effective Date

The effective date of the Master’s degree shall be the date on which the candidate passes the comprehensive examination


Sri Lankan Journal of Agriculture and Ecosystems

Sri Lankan Journal of Agriculture and Ecosystems (SLJAE) publishes peer – reviewed original research articles from all fields of agriculture including crop science, forestry, agricultural biology, plant protection, genetics and plant breeding, food and nutrition, animal science, soil science, water resource management, agricultural machinery, agricultural economics and extension and agricultural system studies and ecosystem research. Read more....
For more information, visit SLJAE


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Instructions and Information for Completion of Application

Please follow the instructions and information before you apply for the program. Download...

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Reference Report

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