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15 September 2019

Terms of Reference (TOR)


Under the Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHED) project the Department of Agricultural Systems is planning to develop the existing academic program to enhance the job opportunities for the students specialized in the department modules.



The ultimate objective of the consultancy is to review the existing departmental academic program and prepare an improved study program in line with international standards that ensure students’ employability.

3. Scope of the work

  • Review course contents, teaching, learning and assessment of 28 courses offered by the department under two modules of Agricultural Economics and Extension; and Agricultural Systems Management.
  • Present the draft study program at the stakeholder workshop organized by the department.
  • Revise the draft by incorporating workshop comments.
  • Prepare a final draft after receiving the comments form an international reviewer.


4 Required qualification and experience

  1. A PhD in the relevant fields
  2. Proven experience of the similar type of work
  3. Sound knowledge on local and global job market opportunities and requirements


5. Timeline of activities 

20 – 30 September, 2019


6.  Payment

Daily rate of payment will be made based on qualification and experience of the consultant. Maximum number of days should not be more than 10 days.


7. Application


Applicants who meet above criteria will send a self-developed application with a detailed CV to the department e-mail (agrisystemsrusl@gmail.com) on or before 15th September 2019. Resubmission is not required for those who have already applied.


Dr. L.P. Rupasena

Project coordinator

Department of Agricultural Systems

Faculty of Agriculture

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka


Tel: 071-1065563


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