Mechanisms of infection; Plant-pathogen interactions (anatomical, physical, physiological and chemical); Virulence of pathogens; Parasitism and disease development; Natural disease resistance in plants; Structural and biochemical, induced and systemic acquired resistance; Genetics of plant resistance; Plant disease epidemiology; Disease forecasting; Economic significance of plant diseases; Conventional and modern plant disease diagnosis and control; Virus: morphology, genetics, replication and pathogenesis, symptoms and transmission, virus free plants; Phytoplasmas; Integrated Disease Management (IDM).

Course ILOs:

·         Students are able to identify and distinguish different processes and interactions involved in plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, nematodes, plant viruses and phytoplasmas

·         Students acquire knowledge of Natural disease resistance, Structural & biochemical resistance, Induced & acquired resistance; Genetics of plant resistance

·         Students acquire knowledge of conventional and novel disease diagnosis techniques with their relative merits and demerits

Gain knowledge on disease epidemiology, forecasting, economic significance of plant disease management, disease management strategies and integrated disease management