Developmental Extension and Agricultural Institutions offered by Department of Agricultural Systems, mainly focuses on below mentioned course outlines;

  •           Developmental Extension
  •            Facets of Development
  •            Community Development Approaches
  •            Understanding Community Dynamics
  •            Community Based Organizations
  •            Role of Public, Private and NGO sector in Development
  •            Use of ICT for Agricultural Extension
  •            Participatory Communication
  •            Participatory Rural Appraisal


This course contains two major areas of Engineering, Engineering drawing and Land survey. Dr. N.S.Abeysingha is the course coordinator for Land survey session and Mr. Pubudu is the course coordinator for Engineering Drawing section   

Land surveying section will consist of 15 hours of Lectures and 15 hours of Practicals while Engineering Drawing section will consist of 45 hours of practicals. 

80 % attendance is essentially required for the practical in this course.