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LMS Version Update on 28.05.2020

by Deshani Somarathne -

Dear All,

The web site of LMS ( will be down from 12.00 noon (12 pm)on 28.05.2020 for a period of one day due to a version update.

Intensive Course - 2018/2019 Batch

by Deshani Somarathne -

Intensive course will be commenced soon.

So, all students can enrol for the course (Intensive-> English). No enrolment key is set.

Notice on Lecture Materials - 2018/2019 Batch

by Deshani Somarathne -

Dear Students,

Pre-intensive Plant Systematics materials are available in PS1102-Plant Systematics Course under 2018/2019 category. (Course Enrolment Key: PS1102)

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