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The Faculty of Agriculture was initiated in 2001 with the aim of developing sustainable agricultural systems particularly focused on the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka by utilizing rural farm settings and natural resources effectively. To achieve this goal, Faculty of Agriculture offers a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.Sc. (Agric.) as a special degree, which is a four-year degree programme.

The Bachelor degree programme comprises of semester-based evaluations that consist of eight semesters, during which different courses are offered by the four departments. These four departments are, Agricultural Engineering and Soil Science (ES), Agricultural Systems (AS), Animal and Food Sciences (AF) and Plant Sciences (PS).


Faculty of Agriculture envisions to be a dynamic , innovative and renowned center for excellence in agriculture.


Mission of the Faculty of Agriculture is to produce innovative and dynamic graduates with sound knowledge and requisite skills towards achieving a sustainable development in Agriculture,through creating a conductive environment for teaching ,learning ,research and dissemination of knowledge


Prof. A.M.J.B. Adikari

B.Sc. Agric. (P’deniya) Sri Lanka, M.Sc. (NDRI) India, PhD(Virginia Tech)USA

P: +94 252 221 610

F: +94 252 221 610

E: deanagrirusl@yahoo.com

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01 April 2020

Expression of Interest to serve as Subject Matter Experts for curriculum revision

11 February 2020

ARANCIA - Nutrition Day 2020

25 February 2020


25 January 2020

Master of Agriculture-ceremonially inaugurated on 25.01.2020

03 January 2020


01 November 2019

Farmer Training Program on "Soil Nutrient Management",funded by UNESCO

29 October 2019

One day training programme titled, “Nursery Management Techniques of Commercial Floricultural Crops” funded by UNESCO

28 September 2019

Dr. Wolly Wijayaratne receives Norman E. Borlaug Fellowship

09 October 2019

Farmer Training Program on "Dairy Product Processing", funded by UNESCO

18 September 2019

Farmer Training Programme on “Minimizing Postharvest Losses of Crop Products in Anuradhapura Area”, funded by UNESCO

20 August 2019

Farmer Training Program on "Alternative feed sources for dairy cattle", funded by UNESCO

22 August 2019

Krushi Mela 2019 Agricultural Exhibition

30 July 2019

Crop Diagnostic Clinic, at Paniyankadawala

Competitive Grants received from the AHEAD Project for the Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL

04 July 2019

Agro's English Night "Efflorescence 2019"

06 February 2019

Inauguration Ceremony for new entrants (2017/2018)

02 February 2019

Fall Armyworm awareness Program