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11 February 2020

‘Nutrition Day’ is an annual event in the Faculty of Agriculture, RUSL that focuses social, physical and mental health of all members of the Faculty of Agriculture by harmonizing all at one place in one day. ‘Nutrition Day-2020’ is organized by the students of year 3 semester 2 (2015/2016 batch) of those who specialize in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences. Further, it has been scheduled to be held on 11th February, 2020 Tuesday, from 7.00 a. m. to 5.30 p. m. at the faculty premises. The scheduled events are;

  1. An exercise programme with music at the Faculty Playground with the support of Physical Education Department of RUSL
  2. Guest Lecture I:- ‘Good Health Habits’ by Department of Ayurweda, Anuradhapura
  3. Guest Lecture II:-‘Problems Related Food and Nutrition’ by Nutrition Society of Sri Lanka (NSSL)
  4. Art competition : Topic:- ‘Good Health’
  5. Games & Entertainments

Events are aimed to address problems related to food & nutrition mainly focusing on human health.

All are warmly welcome to participate and enjoy the day with ‘Arancia 2020’.


Organizing Committee, Arancia 2020

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