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05 May 2020

The 12th Annual Research Symposium (ARS) -2020 under the theme of “Shaping Agriculture for Sustainable livelihood and Environment” has been scheduled to be held on 05th May 2020 in the Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. A total of 132 innovative research findings under the areas of Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Soil Management, Agricultural Economics & Extension, Agricultural Systems & Management, Animal Production & Technology, Agricultural Biology and Crop Science are expected to present during this symposium. In addition, the most outstanding presenter will be rewarded as the “Best Presenter" for each academic module. Similarly, a 3MT competition will also be held at the latter part of the symposium. It will be a new and challenging assessment technique for the scientific works carried out by the undergraduates. The research findings presented at this symposium will be published as ‘Proceedings of the Symposium”. The 12th ARS of 2020, Faculty of Agriculture, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka has been organized with the collaboration of public and private sector stakeholders. Further, it would be a productive research forum that will facilitate the exchange of new ideas and make a significant contribution towards the advancement of research culture in the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.

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